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Litigation funding

The financing of your individual claim

Due to the complexity of the underlying cases, it is often difficult for individual injured parties to enforce their claims themselves, as high litigation and expert witness costs must be expected and the opposing parties are often very powerful.

Due to the high financial risk, justified cases are therefore often not pursued. As a result, the claimant completely waives his claims and suffers a considerable financial disadvantage.

AdvoFin finances such court proceedings and assumes the entire litigation risk.

If you have a claim against a third party with an amount in dispute of EUR 1,000,000 or more, submit a financing request to AdvoFin.

AdvoFin will check free of charge and without obligation whether your request is eligible for financing. The probability of success and the value of the claim are assessed on a case-by-case basis and the creditworthiness of the opposing party is checked. If the assessment is positive, you will receive a binding contractual offer from AdvoFin to cover the litigation financing costs.

AdvoFin structures the case together with your trusted lawyer, who conducts the litigation, and takes care of the administrative processing and ongoing contact with the client. AdvoFin does not conduct any litigation itself, does not provide legal advice and therefore works independently and on a cross-lawyer basis.

In the event of a successful outcome or settlement, AdvoFin receives a contractually agreed success rate of between 25% and 45% of the proceeds obtained. The success rate is determined individually and essentially depends on the prospects of success, the duration of the proceedings, the amount of the claim and the creditworthiness of the opposing party. In principle, AdvoFin considers all lawsuits that allow for an economic participation in the proceeds of the lawsuit (e.g. inheritance claims, insurance claims, claims for damages, etc.).

The advantages of AdvoFin’s litigation funding:

  • As the claimant, you do not have to waive your claim for financial or risk-related reasons.
  • If the legal dispute is lost, you will not incur any costs.
  • Promising but risky claims can be pursued further.
  • AdvoFin’s independence rules out conflicts of interest.

If you are interested in having your case financed by AdvoFin, please complete the financing request form or contact us by Email or telefon.

We will inform you of the next steps promptly after you contact us.